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Post has published by Mathew Weymouth

Devotion, faith, and a deep connection to the divine are the hallmarks of the Cleric Origin in Tena. Clerics are individuals who have dedicated themselves to the service of specific deities, drawing upon the blessings and guidance of their chosen gods. In the world of Tena, Clerics encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from those who uphold the principles of light and purity to those who embrace the forces of darkness and shadow.

Light Clerics are the embodiments of radiant faith, wielding divine magic to heal the wounded, protect the innocent, and bring illumination to the darkest corners. Guided by benevolent deities, they are beacons of hope, offering solace and guidance to those in need. Their healing touch mends bodies, their holy words inspire courage, and their radiant powers banish evil.

Dark Clerics, on the other hand, walk a path intertwined with shadows and secrets. They draw power from deities whose domains lie in darkness, death, or forbidden knowledge. These enigmatic figures wield forbidden magics, embracing the mysteries of the night and harnessing sinister forces to achieve their goals. Whether they serve as agents of hidden cults, wielders of necromantic arts, or guardians of ancient crypts, Dark Clerics command powers that can both terrify and awe.

Regardless of their alignment, Clerics in Tena are formidable beings, driven by their unwavering devotion and their connection to the divine. They are the conduits through which the will of their deities is manifested in the mortal realm, be it for good or for ill. With their faith as their armor, their prayers as their weapons, and the divine favor at their disposal, Clerics stand as powerful agents of their chosen path, shaping the fate of Tena and its denizens.