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Post has published by Mathew Weymouth

Resilient and skilled, the Dorphs have left an indelible mark on the world with their remarkable craftsmanship and their unique way of life. Among the Dorphs, several clans have risen to prominence, each with its distinct characteristics and contributions.

One of the most renowned Dorph clans is Clan Drophammer, hailing from the Tash Jungle in the heart of the Dun’Jur Mountains. This clan takes great pride in their ancestral connection to the legendary Star Stone Hammer, wielded by all former Dorph kings. According to folklore, during a critical battle to save the kingdom, King Tash dropped the hammer off the mountain and into the dense jungle below. Since then, the hammer has become a symbol of power and legitimacy.

Clan Drophammer, also known as the Drop Hammer Dorphs, have taken it upon themselves to protect the Tash Jungle and seek the return of the legendary Star Stone Hammer. They are a group of feral, nature-centric Dorphs who have embraced the wild and untamed aspects of the jungle. They possess exceptional knowledge of the jungle’s secrets and are fierce protectors of its flora and fauna.

The Tash Jungle, named after King Tash himself, is a lush and mystical realm teeming with life. It is said to be nourished by a mystical hot spring, and the River of Kah’Der flows through its verdant valleys. However, the jungle is not without its dangers, and outsiders must navigate its treacherous terrain and contend with the formidable Drop Hammer Dorphs, who view intruders as a threat to their sacred land.

Aside from Clan Drophammer, there are other notable Dorph clans scattered throughout Tena. Clan Hardshaper is renowned for their expertise in stonemasonry, responsible for crafting the grandest structures and fortifications. Clan Dustforge excels in metalworking and is sought after for their finely crafted weapons and armors. Clan Deepale, known for their mining skills, ventures deep into the earth in search of precious ores and gemstones.