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Tena Dra: The Wardens of Harmony The Tena Dra, known for their deep connection with nature, have established the Wardens of Harmony, a lawful organization dedicated to preserving the balance of the natural world. These noble guardians uphold the laws of the forests and protect the sanctity of the land from external threats. With their profound knowledge of flora and fauna, the Wardens of Harmony act as peacekeepers, mediating conflicts between races and ensuring the sustainable coexistence of all beings. Adventurers can join their ranks, taking on quests to safeguard the sacred groves, restore damaged ecosystems, and enforce the laws of Tena.

Orkun: The Sentinels of Honor The proud and formidable Orkun have formed the Sentinels of Honor, a lawful organization committed to upholding justice and defending their people. These noble warriors embody the principles of honor, courage, and loyalty, standing as a bulwark against external threats and internal strife. The Sentinels of Honor maintain law and order within Orkun society, ensuring fair judgments and meting out punishments to those who violate their code. Adventurers can join the Sentinels, participating in quests that involve tracking down criminals, protecting the innocent, and preserving the noble traditions of the Orkun.

Homan: The Order of Progress In the wake of their tumultuous history, the Homan people have founded the Order of Progress, a lawful organization dedicated to rebuilding their society and advancing knowledge. Comprised of scholars, engineers, and innovators, the Order of Progress values intellectual pursuits, technological advancements, and social progress. They establish laws that promote equality, education, and prosperity for all Homan and seek to foster peaceful coexistence with other races. Adventurers can align themselves with the Order, engaging in quests that involve uncovering ancient knowledge, implementing social reforms, and combating ignorance and prejudice.

Avairen: The Scribes of Wisdom The Avairen, renowned for their intellect and thirst for knowledge, have established the Scribes of Wisdom, a lawful organization devoted to the pursuit, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. These esteemed scholars, librarians, and chroniclers are the custodians of the accumulated wisdom of ages. The Scribes of Wisdom maintain vast archives, record historical events, and safeguard ancient texts and artifacts. They uphold the laws of intellectual property and promote education and enlightenment among all races. Adventurers can join their ranks, undertaking quests that involve uncovering lost knowledge, deciphering cryptic texts, and safeguarding the truth from those who seek to suppress it.

Dorph: The Order of Stone The Dorphs, masters of craftsmanship and guardians of their subterranean domains, have established the Order of Stone, a lawful organization focused on maintaining order and upholding the values of their society. Comprised of skilled artisans, architects, and builders, the Order of Stone regulates the construction and maintenance of the vast underground cities and fortresses of the Dorphs. They ensure adherence to building codes, resolve disputes, and protect the integrity of their stonework. Adventurers can align themselves with the Order, participating in quests that involve infrastructure development, preserving cultural heritage, and defending the Dorph territories from external threats.

The Golden Exchange: The Golden Exchange is a prestigious Geck merchant guild that upholds strict codes of conduct and ethical business practices. Composed of influential Geck merchants and traders, they maintain a monopoly over major trade routes and regulate commerce within their sphere of influence. The Golden Exchange ensures fair trade, enforces contracts, and resolves disputes through arbitration. Their aim is to promote stability and uphold the reputation of Geck merchants as trustworthy and reliable. They also provide financial support and resources to Geck entrepreneurs, fostering economic growth within the community.