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Each Avairen clade brings forth its own social hierarchies, customs, and contributions to the world. Renowned as some of the world’s best scholars, the Avairen people embody wisdom, curiosity, and a deep passion for knowledge.

Hailing from the highly advanced city of Elet, situated on the southeastern coast of the continent of Veteris, the Avairen race has left an indelible mark on the world through their unparalleled intellectual pursuits. As visitors explore the streets of Elet, they will be enchanted by the magical glow emanating from countless lamps that line the avenues, creating a captivating nocturnal cityscape. The city never sleeps, as scholars, researchers, and intellectuals can be found engrossed in discussions and debates, fueling a constant exchange of ideas.

The city of Elet is divided into three distinct zones. The commerce zones bustle with trade and economic activity, where merchants and traders from all corners of the world converge, seeking exotic goods and rare artifacts. The Avairen-only residential areas serve as a haven for their race, allowing them to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and traditions of their people. Finally, the Avairen military center stands as a testament to their collective strength and serves as a strategic hub for defense and protection.

The Avairen race, with their extreme intelligence and thirst for knowledge, has led to the establishment of prestigious educational institutions and libraries within Elet. Scholars flock to Tullan, a mage college and university that encircles an ancient magical lake whose origin remains shrouded in mystery. Legends whisper that the water in the lake is drawn from the enigmatic Maw of Bahk, a tempestuous and eternal storm that engulfs a distant corner of the world.

Within the Avairen society, individuals aspire to unravel the secrets of the world, explore the depths of magic, and expand their intellectual prowess. They value knowledge and learning above all else, making them natural scholars, researchers, and experts in a wide range of disciplines. The Avairen’s thirst for knowledge often drives them to undertake arduous quests and scholarly endeavors, seeking to uncover forgotten truths, decipher ancient texts, and master elusive arcane arts.