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Post has published by Mathew Weymouth

Tena Dra: The Verdant Spires Nestled within the ancient forests, the Tena Dra have established the renowned trade guild known as the Verdant Spires. Masters of herbalism, alchemy, and nature-based crafts, the Verdant Spires control the flow of rare botanical resources and potent potions throughout Veteris. However, whispers of corruption have begun to taint their once noble reputation. Dark rituals and forbidden experimentation hint at a sinister agenda lurking beneath the guild’s serene facade. Adventurers must infiltrate the ranks of the Verdant Spires, uncover their dark secrets, and restore the balance between nature and commerce.

Orkun: The Iron Syndicate Amidst the towering forges and bustling foundries of the Orkun settlements, the Iron Syndicate reigns as the dominant trade guild. Skilled blacksmiths, miners, and armorers, the Iron Syndicate controls the production and distribution of the island’s renowned metalwork. However, whispers of illicit dealings and monopolistic practices have tarnished their reputation. Exploiting their physical prowess and intimidating presence, the Iron Syndicate engages in coercion, smuggling, and subjugation of smaller crafters. Adventurers must navigate the treacherous world of underground trade, dismantle the Iron Syndicate’s grip on the market, and restore fair competition and craftsmanship to the Orkun society.

Homan: The Merchant Princes The Homan people have long held a reputation as astute traders and shrewd negotiators. Within their bustling marketplaces and opulent merchant houses, the influential trade guild known as the Merchant Princes holds sway. These cunning merchants and diplomats control the flow of goods, services, and information across Veteris. However, rumors of secret alliances, price-fixing, and exploitation of labor have begun to circulate, threatening the delicate balance of commerce. Adventurers must navigate the intricate web of Homan politics, expose the corrupt practices of the Merchant Princes, and restore ethical trade and prosperity to the continent.

Avairen: The Arcane Consortium At the heart of Avairen society lies the prestigious trade guild known as the Arcane Consortium. Comprised of scholars, enchanters, and magical artisans, they command the trade in rare artifacts, mystical scrolls, and enchanted items. The Arcane Consortium wields immense influence through their knowledge of ancient spells and esoteric rituals. However, whispers of unethical experimentation, dark magic, and the monopolization of mystical resources threaten the delicate balance between the pursuit of knowledge and the dangers of unchecked power. Adventurers must navigate the shadowy corridors of arcane intrigue, confront the corruption within the Arcane Consortium, and restore the ethical use of magic within Avairen society.

Dorph: The Stonecraft Guild Deep within the subterranean realms of the Dorph cities, the renowned Stonecraft Guild holds dominion over the art of stonework, masonry, and architectural marvels. Masters of their craft, the guild members shape the very foundations of Veteris with their intricate sculptures, durable structures, and impressive tunnels. However, a faction within the Stonecraft Guild has succumbed to greed, hoarding precious resources, and exploiting their expertise for personal gain. Adventurers must navigate the labyrinthine depths of Dorph society, confront the corrupt leaders within the Stonecraft Guild, and restore the values of craftsmanship, collaboration, and communal progress.