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Dwelling beneath the surface, these short and skinny individuals have adapted to the depths with remarkable resilience and an affinity for the underground realms.

The Gome race has developed a distinctive way of life that sets them apart from other races. Their subterranean existence has shaped their physical attributes and habits. With their small stature, agile frames, and keen senses, the Gome are well-suited for traversing the intricate tunnels and caverns that comprise their underground domain.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Gome culture is their affinity for alcohol, which they enjoy in place of water. This peculiar trait stems from their unique metabolism, which allows them to process alcohol more efficiently than other races. The Gome have cultivated a deep appreciation for the art of brewing and distilling, creating a wide variety of potent concoctions that are cherished within their society.

Due to their metabolism and the unique qualities of alcohol, the Gome can go long stints without resting, deriving sustenance and energy from their beloved beverages. This remarkable trait has given them a reputation for endurance and stamina, making them formidable in situations where others might succumb to fatigue or exhaustion.

The Gome’s subterranean lifestyle has also granted them a deep understanding of the underground world. They possess an intimate knowledge of the cavernous networks, hidden passages, and underground ecosystems. Their ability to navigate and thrive in these environments makes them valuable guides and scouts for those venturing into the depths.