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The Homan people, descendants of a resilient nation, bring with them tales of survival and triumph over adversity. Originating from their homeland of Ho, which was ravaged by a devastating magic plague and famine, the Homans found solace and a new beginning on the continent of Veteris. Their journey to Veteris was fraught with hardship, but it ultimately led them to establish themselves as a resilient and resourceful race.

Having faced the horrors of the magic plague, the Homan people arrived in Veteris nearly 600 years ago. Initially met with resistance from the indigenous Orkun population, the Homans persevered, gradually winning the respect of the Orkun settlements through their display of modern technology and scholarly pursuits. Over time, the two races forged a bond and made peace, laying the foundation for harmonious coexistence.

The Homan people are known for their resilience in the face of adversity and their remarkable ability to adapt and learn quickly. Their tumultuous history has ingrained in them a deep appreciation for life’s blessings and a desire to make the most of every opportunity. As newcomers to Veteris, the Homans brought with them a wealth of knowledge and technological advancements, propelling them into positions of influence and leadership.

The city of Vlast stands as the capital of the Homans, serving as their starting area and the heart of their civilization in Veteris. The stone city of Vlast was built by the Homans as they left their plague-torn lands behind. It symbolizes their triumph over adversity and their determination to build a new future. The city now thrives as a hub of commerce, culture, and intellectual pursuits, drawing people from all walks of life to its bustling streets.