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Post has published by Mathew Weymouth

Child of Tena “Tena Dra”

The Tena Dra, known simply as Dra or “Children of Tena,” are a race of enigmatic botanical humanoids that were long believed to exist only in myths and legends. However, these mysterious beings have stepped out of the realm of fantasy and into the world of Tenacity Online.

The life cycle of a Tena Dra begins with their emergence as Podlets, encapsulated within seed pods. When the time is right, the pods burst open, marking the birth of a new Dra. In their early stages, they are considered seedlings, vulnerable and in need of nurturing. As they grow, they develop a deep connection with the natural world that surrounds them, harnessing the energies of Tena, the living essence that permeates the land.

As Dra mature, they venture forth from their seed pods, exploring the world with an insatiable curiosity. They are guided by an innate sense of purpose, as if an ancient wisdom flows through their very being. Dra possess an extraordinary affinity for plant life, able to communicate with flora in a way that is beyond the understanding of other races. It is through this unique bond that they draw sustenance, wisdom, and power.

In the latter stages of their adult life cycle, Dra undertake a sacred pilgrimage to their ancestral home, the heart of a vast forest. There, they plant themselves, becoming rooted in the earth as towering elder trees. These majestic beings form a network, their sprawling roots interconnected through the mycelium, a fungal network that spans vast distances. This intricate web allows the elder trees to communicate, sharing knowledge, experiences, and even emotions in a harmonious exchange.

The Tena Dra, guided by their deep connection to nature, seek to preserve the balance of the world. They understand the delicate interplay between all living things and act as stewards of the land. Dra are known for their unwavering commitment to harmony and the protection of the natural order. They are guardians of the forests, defending them from any threat that may arise, be it from external forces or the encroachment of civilization.