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Patch Notes Version PA – A new Chapter

TLDR, The game, website, forums, downloader, client and server are new and improved. Getting closer to a private Alpha Fancy…

 I have been very quiet over the last year and I would like to apologize for that. I would like to take this moment and let everyone know I have been diligently working on Tenacity Online. I have a rough list here of the things I have accomplished recently. I am going to begin taking much better notes in order to give some insight as we approach a stable playable build.    Over the course of the next few months, I will be completing a polishing pass on the client. This will include finalizing the different “Heritage” DNA settings, Player character Basic animations ( yay ), and basic “Origins”  skills/stats.  

Please Make sure to Sign up for the forums in order to be selected for the private alpha. 

Server: Moved the Development environment to a public-facing device. Early supporters should remember to apply for access using the support ticket template. Once your ticket is entered we can get your account flagged for access. 

Client Side :
Created the groundwork for Solider class
Created the groundwork for Multiple Player races. ( this is buggy needs a bit more work you can expect it to function oddly)
Created the groundwork for 20 something various animals including Bears, crocodiles and all sorts of random creatures.

Guilds are functioning in the game and on the forums. You can now create A guild and have your own private section of the forums complete with an image board and forum subsections.  Guilds can be set to public or private.  Guilds will sync between the forums and servers in the future. So if you want to reserve a particular guild name you should do so now with community guild feature located here

Rough Layout of Fort Tena the soldier starting location.  The fort will be fully equipped with all the necessary vendors. The idea is to test all the different vendors out and the quest system. The fort will include some areas with baddies so we can begin fine-tuning the combat system.

The new Downloader/Patcher is working rather nicely and should make the process of patching and downloading the game a bit easier.  

Website :
Complete redesign of the website. Removed any place holder art that wasn’t relevant. More information on game specifics should be available here very soon.  Launched a second Domain for our backend infrastructure.

Forums : 
Set the groundwork for supporting and distributing the game as well as sales of Shards our premium currency